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Posted by ubpdqn on December 8, 2010

The unknown blogger has been pondering about success. There are clearly narrow contexts that admit tight definitions, such as procedures, treatments, interventions. Strict definitions in these contexts allow clarity about quantitation and comparisons of procedures/treatments/interventions.

Personal success…that is a different matter. Is the frame of reference internal or external? Does it matter? Is it necessary for health of the psyche? Does a healthy psyche lead to an ultimate awareness or acceptance of the self in the framework of a concept of success? Is some form of personal success necessary for happiness (whatever happiness is)?

The unknown blogger is confused and disoriented.  Bonus intra, melior exi (paraphrasing ‘good coming in, better coming out’ )…this seems to be the attitude of life that we should all strive for (according to internal definitions of good and better) without perhaps the strictures of context-dependent, time-limited definitions of success.

Ultimately, this  reveals the unknown blogger’s overwhelming and pervasive sense of failure in achieving success across a broad and deep swathe of definitions and contexts.  The deranged quest  for normalcy includes a sad pursuit of solace for real and perceived personal failures.


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