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Antidepressants and taxes

Posted by ubpdqn on December 9, 2010

The unknown blogger struggles with the use of antidepressants.  They have efficacy. They affect neurochemistry that appears commonly implicated in many people with depression. There appears to be, however, an epidemic of depression that is unlikely to represent  a population shift in biology. Changing diagnostic criteria, changed threshold for diagnosis as well as a real increase in incidence in an entity with common feature of psychological pain impairing function are all probably factors.   Something more complex than the list of neurotransmitters  targeted by antidepressant drugs  is going on.

As a sufferer from this malady, the unknown blogger struggles with antidepressants. There is an effect, but the underlying problem seems unresolved.  External stressors easily push the psyche across the tipping point and the malignant spiral commences. At this point, the drugs seem like an insubstantial rope secured to some stable notion of self and its place in the world.

The tax man cometh…without fear or favour the work goes on…unfortunately another stress falls upon the unknown blogger…taxing the psyche as well as the hip pocket.

May be there will be better pills…may be an epiphany…may be it is all a dream…perhaps better to be a character than the dreamer…wake up! …wake up!…

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