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Posted by ubpdqn on December 10, 2010

It is laudable to measure the performance of  a system: bottom line outcomes as well as important intermediary steps.  It is the hope that with this information, performance can be improved or refined and bounds for detecting a system out of control can be determined. Scientia est potestas.

Key performance indicators are leapt to. They emerge from some process that involves integration of evidence and theory, of stakeholders and administrators.

There are a number of assumptions:

  • the components that make up the metric(s) can be striclty defined and captured
  • the providers of the data act honestly and reliably
  • there will be quality control measures in the data collection
  • data analysis and presentation will  use transparent methodologies (that any other group provided with the same data would  come to the same conclusions)
  • (perhaps most importantly) the data reporting will be integrated into a well defined programme for system review and improvement: not in a blame culture or mind-set but a problem solving one

The reality seems to be somewhat far from the ideal.  There are political and self interest dimensions to these endeavours.

The unknown blogger, hopes that accountability, transparency and responsibility translate from rhetoric to meaningful concepts that lead to system improvement. This is a particularly acute desire as the unknown blogger faces the failures in a complex system  that the blogger has invested heart and soul into. A system the blogger set up monitoring and reporting has revealed failure…failure in comparison with others…and now has to stare the failures in the face and have the courage to deal with them, particularly in a politically charged context where information dissemination and judgements precede critical analysis and where the centrality  of issues of methodology  are subjugated to administrative imperatives. The unknown blogger seeks to understand and improve, not to support or refute preconceptions that align with some political or ideological agenda…


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