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Posted by ubpdqn on December 15, 2010

The unknown blogger wishes everyone a peaceful and safe holiday period: Christmas,   חנוכה  , or whatever perspective a person  has (including agnosticism and atheism) .

The tradition the unknown blogger is in has Christmas as an under-stated affair. It is a beginning, an inception and Easter its culmination.  This is  overlaid by the diversely much stronger represented traditions and the commercial dimensions all amplified in the multimedia sensory deluge that has increasingly emerged during this time of year.

This year a number of words (adjectives) are uppermost in the unknown blogger’s mind: hollow, empty, vacuous.  These refer to the blogger’s internal perception. This is not to devalue  the reason for the season, or the  great message and spirit of good will to all mankind. Neither is this some testimony to the pain, conflict and tension that is so evident when loved ones get together.

It is a personal viewpoint that is emergent from chronic perceived internal and external stress. Rather than positve or negative, it is merely the statement of numbness, insensitivity to stimuli (pleasure or pain) borne from a sense of recurrent bouts of frustration, disappointments, personal failures  that seem to have been unrelenting.  Each frustration is trivial. If not trivial it is manageable or survivable. On the scale of human misery, whether quantified by deaths or disability or economics, these are just the  rough and tumble of everyday life.

This intellectual analysis does not, however, remove the perception. The season only brings this perception into focus, as the gap between what one should be feeling and what one does is maximized.

So, it is not bah humbug. It is the unknown blogger’s sincerest wish for peace on earth and good will to all mankind despite his internal state.

For fellow sufferers of the black dog, the blogger  has hope…although the problem lies not in our stars, but in ourselves…the solution also lies in ourselves and while we can think and while we have people around who support us , we can realize (and believe) that although we have no choice in a lot of the great journey, we have a choice in how we react.  May we all react with love, patience, grace, and sometimes joy.

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