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Posted by ubpdqn on December 18, 2010

The unknown blogger is in awe of the openness of younger people. It is often refreshing but also seems to expose a vulnerability.

The Wikileaks phenomenon (for lack of a better term) does certainly appeal to the unknown blogger’s default critical posture with respect to the power brokers.  However, there is a complex, almost paradoxical,  aspect to this.  We are expressing the great “freedom” that comes with a much more connected world. The promise of illuminating the world and democratizing information are seductive ideas.  It is paradoxical that the current instantiation of enlightenment emerged from a clandestine collaborative.   I am not at all criticizing Wikileaks. I am expressing  a perception about the sad world we live in.  History is written by the winners.  All our media are filtered, selected, framed and influenced.  So, the laudable aim of providing more information, more  transparency (and the hope of accountability and responsibility) is understandable. It is very close to the heart of the unknown blogger.

However, there are risks and complexities that require critical thought, discussion and analysis to negotiate.  Some, particularly the digitally naive, are at risk of losing freedom, voice or influence.  Further, the unknown blogger hopes we do not substitute one set of  power brokers   with another  group with  apervasive, extensible, and  manipulable tools to control the quality and flow of information.

The unknown blogger is not making a plea against technology. The appeal is for a thoughtful and critical approach to our new age of freedom.

Post script:

The anonymity of the unknown blogger:  it is a thin veil, as most of the few readers know the identity.  For the others, there are a number of reasons but perhaps that is for another post.

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