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In the eye of the ‘storm’

Posted by ubpdqn on January 13, 2011

It has been an extra-ordinary week in South East Queensland.  The plight of our central Queensland brothers and sisters has been represented on our television sets, on our radios and in our newspapers, as well as all the other media. A large scale catastrophe unfolding but as the inundation subsided, sitting in the dark, cold but safe and comfortable South East, the incessant sound of rain on the rooftop and the streams of water coursing through the yard heralded another phase of cataclysm for thousands of people. Tragically, the Lockyer Valley was subject to an internal tsunami with loss of life (many people still unaccounted for and many likely to have tragically lost their lives) as  well as devastation destruction. This was followed by the slow progressive river flow convergence leading to flooding of  Ipswich and Brisbane.  A city ground to a  halt,  suburbs under water, evacuations, displaced people,  roads cut, power shut downs, hospitals stopping all elective services.

We are now in an eerily silent phase…all we can do is wait…wait for water to subside, wait to see the extent of the damage, wait to return to homes, wait to rebuild homes. businesses, ‘lives’…wait for government assistance…wait for insurance.

So many people affected but some many heroic and positive community efforts.

Tragically, in the middle of all this unfolding disaster, a loving dedicated father  was rushing to the  hospital bedside of his dying infant son  with his family but road closure after road closure increasing his distress…a brother trying desperately to get back to Queensland from New South Wales to support the family in this time of  crisis but the flooded  border access roads leading to more and more detours.

I do not know what has happened and I pray for their safety and that they are now together during this difficult time.  I know that pain and suffering is being experienced minute by minute and hour by hour by many many people and we are yet in the eye of the ‘storm’ but we must wait.

I and mine have been lucky, not good or worthy. Courage to all…now and for the months to come.

Post script:

Scale is  relative. The direct experience of these events, makes flood events of  larger scale and human impact (death and displacement), such as Asia(particularly Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka, Pakistan, China ) beyond comprehension.


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