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Tessellation of the Sphere

Posted by ubpdqn on February 12, 2011

There are 5 non-degenerate regular tessellations of the sphere (S^2). They can be obtained by projecting the five regular Platonic polyhedra onto the sphere. The animated gif illustrates the tessellation of projection of the dodecahedron onto the sphere.


5 Responses to “Tessellation of the Sphere”

  1. That looks nice, it would be cool if you posted Mathematica notebooks for your visualizations!

  2. ubpdqn said

    Thank you Yaroslav. As I expressed in the post ‘Novice’ and as you may directly attest with respect to the notebook I sent, I am not experienced in writing efficient code. However, I take your advice that sharing is also an opportunity to learn, improve and refine (as I have done by looking at your blog and notebooks).

    In future, when I better understand WordPress and after editing the notebook (i.e. it will be stimulus to make better than impulsive coding), I will put links to notebooks.

  3. Sergio said

    I was just looking for an image like this one. Can you tell me where I can get the code? I need an image of all the five platonic solids projected on the sphere, but I need them for printing, so in hight resolution format. Thanks in advance.

    • ubpdqn said

      Thank you Sergio. I had a major hard drive failure approximately 3 months ago. I will look through my backup files for this Mathematica notebook and email you.
      I am sure you can generalise for the other platonic solids or do better. I am not sure when I will be able to do this, Kind regard

  4. Sergio said

    Thanks a lot! I’ll keep my finger crossed…

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