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Little jewels from the past

Posted by ubpdqn on March 24, 2011

In a week where the working day has started at 07:00 one day and finishes 01:00 the next, where neurotransmitter equilibrium has been lost from the complex effects of sleep deprivation, psychological stress and omission of medications and less than ideal nutrition, it was a moment of unexpected pleasure when reading Carl Sagan’s Cosmic Connections  [1973](a book I found for 2 dollars in a St Vincent’s de Paul store) at about midnight… to read in Sagan’s entertaining prose, that  one of the most prominent methods of detection an observer of Mars would have to suspect there was life on earth, was the concentration of methane in the atmosphere and that the source of this methane driving the level above expected inorganic sources was the flatulence of ruminents…I could not help but laugh.

Cows…the best evidence of life on earth from space…

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