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Posted by ubpdqn on April 9, 2011

From the movie Dragon Heart:

A knight is sworn to valor.  His heart knows only virtue.  His blade
defends the helpless.  His word speaks only truth.  His wrath undoes the wicked.

The knight is a key piece on the chess board and its allowable moves have been the source of contemplation of many including Euler.

The Knight’s tour problem looks at whether a Hamiltonian path (or cycle)of knight moves  exists on chess board of size m x n. John Cook’s post looks at a path that yields a semi magic square (rows and columns add to same number)  where the numbers are the stop numbers on the  path (tour).

In trying to increase my understanding of this I offer my post Euler and Hamilton Knight Adventure.

Mathematica has a number of tools for working with graphs. There are compatibility issues between the built-in functions and the excellent Combinatorica package.

Thank you again John D Cook for motivating me to look at a broader range of subjects, even if I remain an extreme novice with respect to the subjects and the algorithms used in solving them.


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