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A City without Borders

Posted by ubpdqn on May 28, 2011

The US Bookstore franchise Borders  has been shutting stores throughout the world. The concept and the instantiation of these stores, particularly within the United States, enjoyed social success until the economic factors forced contraction of this business.

I experienced an unusual mix of emotions upon entering a Borders store during its “last days” before closure. I was one among many looking for that great bargain, trying to find that book I’d always wanted but had not because of the price. As I wandered around, I felt like one vulture among many,  preying on the last bits of flesh of a dead wilderbeast. Men were dismantling shelves. There were shelves upon shelves laid bare.  People were milling around small collections of books in a somewhat frenzied manner. They were accumulating the bargains under their arms. One person would spot something out of the corner of their eye and rush to the jewel before anyone else could get it.

I was witnessing the death of a book store I had enjoyed. I was participating in the picking of its flesh and regretting I had not come earlier to get some morsels.

I was simultaneously sad at its loss and disappointed that I had not been more opportunistic.

I left with nothing…but the hope that some local bookstore would emerge in its place.  However, I have also been swept by the tide of online media, even though I am still firmly attached to the physical book.  Even  in this  regard, online cost of books renders  the bookstore uncompetitive…

Books, newspapers, cinema, videostores…all trying to survive in an increasingly online world.

I offer this post in the virtual world as homage to a  nice bookstore that only had a brief life in my neighborhood and hope that we will get the balance of media right in the brave new world.


One Response to “A City without Borders”

  1. I think the day of chain bookstores are probably over, but I think there will still be room for a small bookstore to exist and be a bastion for the community and for fellow bibliophiles.

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