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What a drag

Posted by ubpdqn on June 24, 2011

As we rush around bathed in our nitrogen and oxygen atmosphere, we feel the drag force resisting our motion. The faster we move the more we perceive it. In many ways our psychological state when we negotiate some dense environment (work, home, bureaucracy) seems analogous to this physical reaility.

The drag force , F_d, is a function of speed (v). Empirically,

F_d = c_1 v+c_2v^2.

For most air and at our scale of objects, the quadatic term dominates. I explore this in the Blowing in the Wind using the quadratic approximation. The drag coefficients depends on the geometry of the object among other things.

May our wading through the dense resistive media of our psyche leads us to fulfilment or at least stability.

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