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Cast Away

Posted by ubpdqn on July 8, 2011

I have always enjoyed the movie Cast Away. The sense of coming full circle from the opening scenes to the final scene is exquisitely crafted. The symbolism of the last scene (excerpt above) has resonated powerfully within me.

It has been a busy, stressful time. A time of challenges.  Things that you thought were secure break irreparably.  The birds in your nest start to fly, as they must. Old deep wounds are laid open once more with the pain as intense as if they were new. Disappointment abounds. Disappointment in people, disappointment in institutions. Most of all, disappointment in myself. Disappointment from dreams unfulfilled. Disappointment from the realisation of  my pettiness. Disappointment in my victim mentality…that I have some entitlement to certain things when I do not. The world is  not fair, or just or  structured like the fairy tales of childhood.

Chuck Noland (the Tom Hanks character) comes to the realization that the internal story that has kept him alive is not reality. The world has not stood still for him.  He returns to his core. He delivers the package…and he arrives at his cross road.

I am at my cross road. Which road should I take?

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