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Posted by ubpdqn on December 12, 2011

Crunch…onomatopoeia …expressing the termination of an action resulting in compression…a change in momentum…external forces destroying the internal structure, overcoming the static equilibrium…”crunch time”…well it is crunch time.

I have been turning my head from road to road at the metaphorical crossroads for some time now. I have been hoping for the unreasonable and I have  been looking for signs where none can conceivably come from, I have been seeking counsel in the  wrong places…but crunch time comes with an inevitable, unexpected, powerful force upon me.  It has the beauty of finality and clarity but there is extreme sadness…

What happens after the big crunch…a cosmological question for one of many models of the fate of the universe…but really an expression of the uncertainty of the fate of my universe….

I hope all pass a safe, peaceful and joyous holiday period and have time to be energised by the people they love and  who love them…


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