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George Bailey

Posted by ubpdqn on December 19, 2011

Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life has been one of my favourite movies and a consistent television screening in the United States at this time of year.

In dark moments, I have often contemplated whether there is a counterexample to George Bailey’s experience. At times, such as now when the black dog is barking incessantly, I have frequently thought I was such a counterexample. However, a more obvious candidate is Mr. Potter from the film. His influence casts a long dark shadow throughout the film. Surely, the world would have been better if he had never been born?

On reflection, perhaps there lies a deeper message. There is importance in the multiple encounters positive and negative that form our history. Our scars are as important as our joys. George Bailey would not have reached his epiphany and the film its denouement without the malevolent presence of Mr. Potter across the span of George’s life (as well as the countless life affirming encounters with the common people of Bedford Falls).

Who knows, perhaps George Bailey not only positively influenced his family, friends and acquaintances but he also gave Mr. Potter the opportunity to see mercy, compassion and integrity…

George needed to go through his long dark night of the soul for his guardian angel to appear.

Unlike George Bailey…I sit alone with my thoughts and relive the errors of the past…regret the stress I have imposed on my loved ones…

I desperately seek an unlikely aged, overweight, dottery Clarence type to help me reframe my world.

Merry Christmas to all…peace to all


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