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Posted by ubpdqn on July 30, 2012

Unknown Blogger Mathematica

I did not enjoy this book as much as I had anticipated.  The book covers a broad range of topics in addition to those I was familiar with from a limited undergraduate level. I believe the author aims to inspire the reader/student by the powerful computational and visualization capabilities of Mathematica.  I think this goal is achieved to some degree. However,  I did not think the balance between Mathematical formality and Mathematica code was optimal (for me at least).

I learned a lot about Mathematica  and its use with complex variables, functions, iterated function sets (the Mandlebrot set), visualization of the hyperbolic plane (including the genesis of the IMS2012 logo). However, I felt compelled to return to Needham’s ‘Visualizing Complex Analysis’. Perhaps, in this regard the motivational aspect has been achieved.

There is no doubt that Mathematica amplifies understanding of complex analysis: singularities, branch cuts, Mobius transformations,  conformality…

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