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At lowest ebb

Posted by ubpdqn on September 21, 2012

A life in service is lonely. There is a privilege, an honour in working in a team and achieving a common goal. There is a fulfilment in watching people develop and watching people at their best. There is integrity in banding together during hard times, bad times and mistakes…

It is a profound, inconsolable, devastating state of mind to observe the systematic progressive inexorable destruction of a culture of service…something you have been part of for the majority of your working life…something you have influenced and that has influenced you…and it is selfishly intolerable to expect that things do not change and flawed to think that things cannot be better with a new or different approach…

Good can arise from unimaginable evil, the phoenix can arise from the proverbial ashes…witnessing, experiencing and being harmed by change born from dishonesty,  self-interest, deceit, incompetence…making law breakers law givers…good things can happen for the wrong reasons, wonderful children can be born from rape, and honour can emerge from dishonour…

The phoenix may rise from the ashes but have pity on those burnt in the flames left as the dross and the bird flexes its detritus laden wings… if the phoenix does not rise…woe to those architects of destruction and the innocents they have inflicted their misery upon...justice…not in this world

I return to my cell, lock it and return to a place of no pain, no  dishonesty,  no hypocrisy…books…the quest for normalcy is over…it is neither worth it nor does it bear fruit…


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