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Posted by ubpdqn on November 17, 2012

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Unknown Blogger Mathematica

A beloved child bought me this book (the 1997 edition) after finding it in a second-hand bookstore (knowing my fondness for Stephen Jay Gould). This is a short work. In fact I read it on plane journey.

I enjoyed this  book despite it being 11 or 12 years since the “millenial change” depending on one position on when a millenium starts. This is one amongst a number of tidbits explored in the book.

I have always enjoyed Gould’s story-telling style. This book also coincides with a personal interest in man’s quest for imposing order on the ‘cycles of nature’.  Gould describes the roots of pre-occupation with millenium through time. He explores the challenges of calendrics: reconciling solar and lunar cycles and desribes  the  pragmatic and ultimately arbitrary and political solutions.

Gould ends on a poignant note describing day-date calculations from a personal viewpoint: his autistic first born son had exceptional…

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