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Candle in the Wind

Posted by ubpdqn on May 9, 2013


I saw the “Life of Pi” on DVD today. I had very limited information about the film (only the fanfare that attended its cinematic release). I understood it to be a visual feast but I am glad that I did not see it in all its glory or 3D. I believe this undeniable cinematographic  and computer generated artistry would have distracted from the journey the story took me on.  My neurochemistry is slowly changing and this movie came as surprisingly deeper entertainment than the panoply of exquisitely crafted and organized vistas.

Piscine Molitor (Pi)’s two stories have many possible interpretations.  My personal perspective on this tale was the journey of a child to premature adulthood through an extreme physical and psychological trauma. The resources he used to get through this cataclysm were the cumulative influences of a loving complex family and diverse spiritual traditions. He is wide-eyed, open, intelligent and imaginative. These internal qualities and the environment arm with the powerful weapons to get through tragedy and process his confrontation of the “animal” as well as noble aspects of human nature. He has to tame his emotions and impulses with reason. He forgets nothing, he just “processes” it. He still feels the pain of loss but the experience has been transformative. The transforming “power”, it seems to me, was love (love he experienced from his family and his spiritual explorations).

In the middle of watching this “film” a sudden, explosive sound of breaking glass interrupted my viewing. The Easter Light (kept burning from 5 May 2013: above image). The candle that had been vertical had fallen against the wall of the glass. The side of the glass heated,  the wall stress increased and the explosive fracturing process ensued. It was coincidental but I could not help the metaphorical analogy:  as the world of Pi was shattering around him his candle kept burning.

May the brief candle of our lives burn  brightly and beautifully to the last.IMG_1326

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