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The Particle at the End of the Universe

Posted by ubpdqn on June 12, 2013

Unknown Blogger Mathematica


This book tells the story of the discovery of the Higg’s boson, what it is, what its relevance is and the intensely human nature of this endeavour. The book provided my best insight into the Standard Model and where the Higg’s field and boson fit in. The author discusses the physics but puts it in context. The people involved and their contribution is truly amazing and the author explores the limitations of attributions and prizes  (Nobel) for such collaborative endeavours. This amazing discovery was the culmination of progressive systematic rigorous progress, the creativity and imagination of many many people. Solving the puzzle of a consistent theory that provides an explanation for mass of particles, esp bosons, affected by the weak force was fascinating. The importance of chirality in this was another example (to me) of the amazing universe (perhaps part of multiverse) we inhabit. This Higg’s  field/mechanism/boson: the name…

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