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I’m No Andy

Posted by ubpdqn on February 22, 2015

The “Shawshank Redemption” is my favourite motion picture. I was extremely reticent to watch it when it was first released. However, once it started I was transfixed. This has never abated.   In the movie, Andy serves almost 20 years when the confluence of reaching breaking point and opportunity for freedom arise. It approaches 20 years (30 years if I count my years as a young slave) that I have been an inmate of “Chateau D’If” (my less than flattering but nonetheless accurate descriptor for my  indentured servitude).  Perhaps, this realization contributed to the uplifting effect of a recent screening.  I have long struggled with the “black dog”. However, more recently my despondency is more reflective of the increasing resemblance of my “jailers” to Warden Norton below. This marked Andy’s epiphany: Andy’s genius was that  he played the long game and strategically set up the pieces of the end game like a chess grand master.     Freedom…glorious freedom… I still find the flawless execution (as only can be contrived in fiction) exhilirating: I am no Andy, however.  I sadly am more like Brooks…institutionalized, irreversibly damaged and afraid of the real world: I yearn to be  like Red: but alas I have no friend, no Andy to illuminate the path to salvation or anticipating my release and journey to Zihuatanejo, no priest to inspire my as did Edmond Dantes, I am on the “Green Mile”… Peace to fellow invisible isolated inmates. May we “get busy living or get busy dying”. May we soar in our minds while our jailers rejoice.


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