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Of All The Souls

Posted by ubpdqn on February 28, 2015

Star Trek was an important influence on me. I looked forward to watching it every week during it’s original airing. A world in which a  black woman, an asian, a russian, a scottsman, a plain speaking country doctor and an alien worked harmoniously with their captain in a supportive and nurturing way for common noble purposes. This was a comforting vision of the future, particularly for a misfit with few evident redeeming features. It was Mr. Spock within this team, that I was particularly drawn to.  He applied his mind,…if I worked hard enough I could try to apply my mind and be a valuable member of society. Yet despite this his unshakable adherence to logic and rationality he was loyal, a team player and a good friend. As Kirk observed: “of all the souls i’ve encountered in my travels his was the most human”.

I used to believe I worked in team reminiscent of the Enterprise crew and at times this idea sustained me. I was sadly and somewhat cruelly mistaken. My current experience of cold, friendless demolished team in no way diminishes the power and hopefully transformative aspiration of the Roddenberry vision and Spock as a central character of this vision of the future. As I mused in “Deathly Wisdom”, ‘it is necessary for us to continue to believe what is not true, in order that it may one day be true.’…it is too late for me but I have great faith in my children and great hope for their future progeny (should they be so blessed).


Thank you Leonard Nimoy for your skill and talent in all your endeavours and in particular as Mr. Spock.

May your soul “live long and prosper”, as your characters influence has for generations and I hope generations to come.







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