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Posted by ubpdqn on October 12, 2015


World Mental Health Day passed on 10 October. There has been an intense media frenzy in relation to Mental Health. This is all well-intentioned and some may even be useful. It has been a challenging time in many ways. I cannot help reflecting on the invisible, those who suffer in darkness, and those unsung heroes who stand beside them and lament a fickle media environment that at times exploits rather than illuminates, trivializes rather than explains.

“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” in some ways explores an individuals inner mental life in order to cope with a world he finds difficult to fit in and the transformative power of a random upheaval. My partner and I shed tears at the ending at the denouement of the film: the emergence of Walter Mitty from his safe inner-life into the “real” world brimming with opportunities and real human connections at a time when he has lost the job he has been a dutiful servant for the majority of his working life. As the metaphorical butterfly emerges from the cocoon, the triumphant celebration of Mitty and all he represents is declared to the world through a magazine cover by a photographer who saw more than an automaton in a corporate machine designed to excite, titillate and otherwise evoke response.

This is, alas, just a movie. A gentle, beautifully crafted and shot piece but fiction nonetheless. I hope that my fellow sufferers and their long suffering heroic fellow travellers are subject to uplifting transformative random events and opportunities and that life can imitate art.

This image from Clifford Pickover’s tweet stands as a metaphor of “seeing the world from another perspective”…an opportunity to learn, to solve, to discover, to heal, to develop, to grow…


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