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Archive for the ‘Uncategorized’ Category

NOAC Use in Extreme Weight

Posted by ubpdqn on October 23, 2017

Medscape provides an interesting educational activity: “Through Thick and Thin: Anticoagulant Dosing Considerations for Extremes in Weight”. It is worth the time for this issue. Some slides from this presentation:




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Posted by ubpdqn on June 2, 2017


This week it…Zihuatanejo is still quite far off…

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Squeezing and Folding

Posted by ubpdqn on May 2, 2017

This post is based on the Henon map:
x_{n+1}=y+1- a x_n^2\\\\ y_{n+1}=b x_n

Here is are 1000 iterations of a point:

The following animated gif illustrates the “fate” of a disk after 10 iterations:

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Ideal Clinics

Posted by ubpdqn on October 13, 2016

A topical TEDMED talk on physician suicide. Nothing more to be said.

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Step by Step

Posted by ubpdqn on May 25, 2016

I hope, step by step, both my weight and overall health trends positively.



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Posted by ubpdqn on September 20, 2015


I never I thought I would reach this ‘milestone’. I continue to learn a lot from Mathematica Stackexchange and it has also been a refuge and restorative  during a year in which my mother died after a sudden unexpected illness,  I suffered a life threatening illness  myself and I am struggling through some very difficult times.

Depression and suicide has been very topical  and given various faces including famous sporting identities. I hope it portends greater understanding, greater research, effective treatments and in general a more compassionate and peaceful world.

n the spirit of RUOK day and World Suicide Prevention day…may we be open and sensitive to those who suffer in silence and translate slogans into connections, may we venerate those who stand by those sufferers and may we support those who are left behind when the worst comes…peace to all.


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Posted by ubpdqn on August 25, 2014


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The Seven Daughters of Eve

Posted by ubpdqn on September 16, 2013

Unknown Blogger Mathematica


I received this book as a gift. I enjoyed it.  The author gives a personal account of his deep and continuous involvement in the development  of methodology to extract, analyse and interpret mitochondrial DNA. We inherit our mitochondrial DNA from our mother.  This tool is applied to understand our genetic ancestry.

The author explains the reliable, stable and reproducible nature of mitochondrial DNA. The collaborative and adversarial/argumentative nature of scientific progress. Mitochondrial DNA analysis stood the intense scrutiny and served as valuable insight. Ultimately, through a journey including exploration of the Last Tsar of Russia, the Pacific Islands, Cheddar Man the author weaves together a complex story of the genetic network/lineage of Europe and forays into the connecting the world.

The majority (95%) modern Europeans have descending from seven clan mothers. Mitochondrial DNA can be used as a molecular clock to determine the age of these ancestors. The author…

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Introduction to Biological Physics

Posted by ubpdqn on August 6, 2013

Unknown Blogger Mathematica

This book is targeted to Health Sciences. It is clearly written. It covers a broad range of topics. It is committed (nicely) to the use of SI units and has many worked examples. The depth is relatively shallow but it is a good introduction, The book  presents important quantification and simplifies the mathematics to algebra (no explicit calculus) from classical physics.

The authors chapter on MRI was covered in more detail and was well written. One omission in the section on Safety was the interaction with implantable electronic devices: device malfunction, induced currents in orphan leads etc.


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Dynamical Systems with Applications using Mathematica

Posted by ubpdqn on July 22, 2013

Unknown Blogger Mathematica


This is a very useful book. The emphasis is on understanding concepts using visualization provided by Mathematica.

I found the second half of the book difficult. This reflects my inexperience. However, it was interesting, particularly the discussion and explorations related to neural networks.

The exercises have answers at the end of the book and I look forward to accessing the notebooks referred to in the text. The book precedes version 9 but the code updating seems relatively straightforward.

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